Welcome to Share More LOVE project.

Lets bring more LOVE to our world! LOVE has the power to create something magical and beautiful. Everything in our world today was created because of LOVE.

By promoting an awareness of LOVE in our individuality as human beings, we hope to awaken the collective spirit and energy of LOVE in all humanity. Ultimately creating an even more beautiful Universe filled with LOVE. We choose to create this awareness by asking people for their quote of what they believe LOVE IS; Followed by portrait sessions with Jason Setiawan. We hope that by doing this, each and every one of us who donate our quotes and portraits, will remember our own quotes, and become even more aware of the LOVE we already have within. In addition, we hope that these portraits and quotes will inspire others to LOVE and to share more LOVE to our world. And that is our purpose.

Now, we want to welcome you to our galleries. Please take as much LOVE as you like, and please SHARE MORE LOVE to our world!

We love you and thank you for taking the time to stop by our page!

Photos by Jason Setiawan